Hunting for Matt

Ahhh!!! I’m such a failure!

Okay, so to catch everyone up to speed… I am a fan of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. They are incredibly talented.. and, well… just plain beautiful men.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I moved to Boston about a month ago and learned that it’s where Matt Damon is from – Cambridge to be more specific. Every time someone tells me they’re from Cambridge, I fight the urge to ask if they’ve ever seen Matt Damon. Coming from Vegas and LA, I know it’s a silly question! But.. still you never know.. it’s his home!

Tonight my friend told me that Matt Damon was going to be at Fenway for the premier of “The Town” – so I looked it up, only to find that the premier was actually last night! If I had known I would’ve camped outside of Fenway, or hijacked his limo.. something! 😉       But, it turns out I’m a failure of a fan – I didn’t even know that he was just miles from me.

I guess it’s a good thing I have another 2 or 3 years to hope he comes back!

Everything else is going well in Bean town! I’ve just been trying to keep up with all the reading for my classes! I have to admit, I’m starting to miss home and all the familiar faces there, but I will be seeing my family in a couple of weeks and then again at Thanksgiving, which is just right around the corner. And then I’ll be home for a month in December and January! 🙂

Until then… the hunt continues!


One thought on “Hunting for Matt

  1. OH MY GOSH I CAN”T BELIEVE YOU MISSED MATT DAMON!! Haha he is one my fav’s too 😉 Maybe I can plan a visit when he’ll be in town and we can stalk him together, hehe. I’m not quite sure how I would react to being in his presence, or really even the vicinity of his presence. Yes, I know full well our age difference and the fact that he is married to a supermodel or someone of equal beauty, but that will all be out the window the moment I make an in-person contact, or shall we say a “personal connection”. So if you ever need help “hi-jacking” his limo, I’m in! 😉

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