Greetings & Salutations

“Greetings and Salutations!”

– Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. by E.B. White

One interesting thing about the culture here at Simmons College is that the students are seriously the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Every week when I do laundry, someone strikes up a conversation with me. It’s like the whole campus has the strength of  winning others over (woo!). Or basically, everyone is just really outgoing.

Tomorrow makes it six weeks that I’ve been here. Time seems to be moving so slow, with adjusting to living in a new place, but in other ways it’s flying by with how much work I have. But I’ve had a chance to do a couple of fun things too the last couple of weekends…

The weekend before last I met my family in Phoenix. It was great to see some family that I hadn’t seen since last Christmas. And it to spend some time with Rich, Erika, my parents, Richelle, Greg, Leila, and Riley too. Daisy was the only one missing, she decided to go to the Dog Farm instead. The main reason I was there was to go to my friend’s wedding. It was beautiful, and she was absolutely stunning. It was a wonderful celebration for a great couple!

Last weekend I went on a Fall Retreat with a Campus Crusade ministry in New Hampshire. It was refreshing to just be in nature, meet some other believers in the city, and just to worship God. The band was really awesome, they made me think of one of APU’s worship bands.

Coming back to Boston on Sunday, I realized that it is definitely Fall now. The leaves aren’t red and orange yet, but it’s been cold and rainy the last few days. So from now until like March or April I guess it’s coats and sweater season.  😦

Other than that, I’ve just been busy with school work. I read three Children’s or Young Adult novels every week for my classes and have other reading and papers due in addition to that. I’ve only read one that I had read before, so I’m reading lots of new books! It’s been fun; reading and writing that much for that age group has brought back a lot of memories from my own childhood and teenage years. It’s been interesting to reflect on from an adult perspective – like remembering Chad who used to eat candy off of the ground at the snack shack, or how when I think about getting stitches when I was six the two main things I remember are my dad asking if I had spaghetti for lunch (because my shirt was all stained red) and the Genie notepad I got as a get-well present. Or remembering me asking a boy to my first dance.Maybe I haven’t changed that much… I’m still clumsy and like Aladin. 🙂

Well, I should get some homework done, but I’m thinking of everyone and missing home. I’m counting down the weeks until Thanksgiving already, in spite of the dreaded 5k my family will make me run.

– Yours truly –


4 thoughts on “Greetings & Salutations

  1. It was fabulous to see you a couple wks ago angel. Please post more pics so we can look at your beautiful face…

    Keep having fun and learning gobs.

  2. Love hearing about your life because it makes me feel like I’m still with you 🙂 I’m glad the people are friendly…I think I would like that because I don’t mind talking to random people…unless they are really negative or just creepers, haha. I think you should suggest that they add that one book revolving around the girl that is struggling with development of her breasts and adolescence in general….titled something like “Hey God, it’s me Regan”. It’s a great novel. I love you and can’t wait to see you around Thanksgiving! It’s coming so soon!!! I hope you stay warm and have enough fuzzy sweaters 🙂

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