“ARTS & CRAFTS IS ALL I NEED” a tribute to dorm life

“Arts & Crafts is all I need…

I’ll take Calligraphy and then I’ll make a fake degree.”

– Relient K

I stole this line from a Relient K song called College Kids, where Matt Teeson passionately sings how he should’ve skipped college, and only went because his parents told him to. I’m not really with Matt Teeson on this one, but I thought the line was a suiting intro to my blog tribute to dorm life.

I got into my Grad program and less than a month later moved across the country to a city where I didn’t really know anybody. I think I’ve spent the first six weeks just processing that fact.. It was all still new! I was blinded by my excitement… Now that I’m starting to get a routine in place, I’m starting to realize some things.

1.) I’m living in a dorm again.

It’s easy to block out the bad things about dorm life and only remember the positive experiences. I met a lot of my really close friends at APU in the dorms, and have made some great friends in the dorm here too. I remember that, and the floor events. I remember having all of my friends at  school on one floor.. I could drop by any of their rooms anytime. It was awesome! And your bathroom is cleaned for you! And you have to get a meal plan because you don’t have a real kitchen.. so nobody even knows that you really probably wouldn’t cook anyways, and food is just there.

I didn’t remember:

  • community bathrooms = wearing flip flops every time you shower
  • community bathrooms = used paper towels ALWAYS on the floor
  • hearing the girls in the room below me
  • dirty dishes in your little community kitchen… with food remains sitting in the pan from the night before if not longer
  • the smell of weed every time you pass a certain person’s door
  • and I didn’t remember just how bad the food in a cafeteria can be. Tonight I stood in line for a meatball sub. What I got was meatballs, inside of a hotdog bun which eventually turned soggy

2.) Planet Woman

At APU we were talking about Feminist Literary Criticism one week and my professor told us about a science fiction book about these women who come from some other planet, a planet where there are no men. Their planet is a community of women only. I feel like I’ve landed on that planet. A planet full of women, also called Simmons College.

This is another thing I’ve noticed  about living here… there are no men at this school! You would think it’s an all girl’s school or something.

Okay, so I knew that it was an all-girls school. The Graduate school is open to male applicants, but you could barely tell by the male population in my classes. And, this could be seen as a good thing – less distractions, that sort of thing. But, it means that there are no men at this school. Which means there are only women at this school. Everywhere you go, there’s women – and they are all talking. All of them, all the time. haha.. maybe I’m exaggerating.

But, I do think any guy to visit this school automatically goes up 2 points on a scale of 10. Like if he’s usually a 6, he’s an 8 here for sure. Seriously.. if a guy in his twenties walks by, everyone stares.. and then if they find out he’s straight too. Oh boy, watch out! So, men, this is the place to come if you need a date.

Anyways.. I hope you don’t get me wrong. I’m so glad to be here, so grateful for the opportunity to further my education in something that I’m really excited about. I love my classes, and I’m happy to have food to eat, even if it’s meatballs on hot-dog buns (and actually there is another eatery open during the day thats pretty good). I just wanted to share all the funny, little annoying things that you kind of forget about when you aren’t living in a dorm anymore. Today I kind of thought… these are the people who thought meatballs would be good on hot dog buns. Are you sure you want to pay them to give you an education? Yes. Yes, I do want to pay them to teach me about books and writing, and never ever about culinary arts.     🙂


3 thoughts on ““ARTS & CRAFTS IS ALL I NEED” a tribute to dorm life

  1. Just think, you only have about 99 meals left on your meal plan for the semester. That, my girl, is a lot of soggy meatball sandwiches….Mom

  2. LOL….community bathrooms take 2 spots on the “I didn’t remember” list. Yes I can see why you would block that list out of your mind 😉

    I’m not sure what it would be like to be only surrounded by girls…why is it that we as girls can’t stand being surrounded by our own kind for two long…living with 7 girls in Oxford and being in an all girls choir for a year was enough for me, haha. I think I might yell at a random person to shut up if I hadn’t had a moment of silence for a while 😉

    I think you should dress up as a guy for halloween (maybe a wear a hat with your hair up and a sweatshirt to hide your feminine parts) and see how many girls are so man-deprived that they immediately look in your direction.

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