Late Night Visitor

Dear Drunken Knocking Girl,

I felt a real connection as you knocked on my door for forty minutes last night, jiggling the handle. I called out “Who is it?” when I relized you weren’t going to leave anytime soon. How could I not feel comforted by the “It’s me” I heard in response. Of course, I still didn’t know who you were, so I asked, “Who’s me?”.  You creatively responded, “It’s a surprise!” Yes, a surprise visitor at 3:30 in the morning.

All that you left behind after we called Campus Safety, was  a giant wet spot on the floor and a pair of sweat pants and underwear in the bathroom. I may never know who you are, Drunken Knocking Girl, or just what Campus Safety saw when they ushered you back to wherever you came from, but I won’t soon forget our experience together. Next time I hope you have more luck finding your way back to your room.

Yours truly,

Surprised Sleeper


One thought on “Late Night Visitor

  1. Oh dear. Haha, it’s funny to me now, but I bet in the moment it was not! I would be pretty perturbed. I hope drunken knocking girl doesn’t pay another surprise visit anytime soon. Maybe she’ll make a guest appearance in one of your stories someday 😉

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