Ramona Quimby, Age 24

FACT – it’s 28 degrees outside right now.

It hasn’t snowed yet though. Today I asked if it’s really going to get colder. Yes, it’s only December. ONLY December. ONLY 28 degrees outside, geez. Silly me! And apparently I need to buy some snow boots to be prepared for January and February. Snow boots to me are some foreign idea. I don’t think I ever even considered the fact that snow boots existed before this. Boots made specifically for the snow. The weather is like a crazy dictator, mandating the need for clothing you can’t even find in Las Vegas. Rain boots, snow boots, umbrellas, ski jackets.

But, the semester is winding down so I don’t have to worry about all this snow stuff quite yet. I go back to Vegas in a week. I’m done with class and have two more papers due. In the midst of working on my paper I’ve: rated about half my itunes, downloaded 5 or 6 cds that I’ve been meaning to download (for a year and a half), and uploaded new pictures to my facebook account. And I’m just about done procrastinating! Just as soon as I finish this blog post. haha.

Hmm.. what else is going on??? What else… what else.

This is to all people who once were dorks in junior high and high school…

I always thought I was so weird – I like books. I don’t know a whole lot about anything else. I was the shy, super quiet, awkward one all throughout school. But – there’s a huge world outside of school! And it doesn’t all revolve around cool music and everything else that I know nothing about. And, once you’re in the outside world you realize that you aren’t that weird. And maybe you’re even really social and outgoing when you’re out of the superficial junior high/high school social ladder. So, I’ve given up on any attempt to be anything other than just my nerdy self. One, because you can’t write something authentic if you aren’t being authentic. Two, because I’m adapting to the culture surrounding me (the culture of nerdiness runs deep at Simmons College). And three, well.. it’s not really that big of an adaptation, its just realizing that I’m this big dork anyways so I might as well embrace it.

Growing up I got called unique a lot. I still do. And sometimes with that word its hard to tell if it’s a compliment or an insult. All I wanted (what a lot of kids in school want) was to fit in, so it felt like an insult a lot of the time. I would try to figure out what’s different about me from other people, and I would just try to be normal. But.. no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to be ‘normal’. I don’t know how to be anything else, because I don’t even know when I’m saying or doing something that isn’t normal. But, ‘normal’ people don’t become Children’s Literature writers. And if all those challenging years of adolescence are what make me a good writer for adolescents, then I’m happy for that experience.What they don’t tell you in high school is that you can be nerdy and still be super hot. You can be pretty and smart/a big nerd.

After watching the movie “Beezus and Ramona” (based off of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary), I can confidently say that I am the 24 year-old, real life version of Ramona Quimby. I just can’t help but be me. And I’m happy to be me. I like who I am, so why would I want to be anything else?

Now… back to that dreadful paper.


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