Lucy & Ethel Go to Boston

Well, it’s been a pretty hectic winter break. After doing a lot of thinking and praying, I decided to withdraw from Simmons. Boston is just a very long way from home, and in general isn’t a good fit for me right now. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to, but it feels like the right choice. I’m not exactly sure what the future holds, but I’m taking some great things from my experience at Simmons: good friends, good memories, and confidence that I am capable of excelling in Grad school. This semester isn’t one that I regret or would trade it, but I would encourage anybody who is looking at a school to go visit it first. I think the feel of a school and a city is something you need to experience, and you can’t get that from brochures or through the phone. I’m glad I took the risk, but next time I wouldn’t rush into it so quickly.

My mom and I moved me out last week. She was a good sport, and crashed in my dorm. Wednesday it snowed like crazy. I’m glad I got the chance to see the city covered in snow before I went home. It was fun to tromp around in while I was there, but I’m pretty glad I won’t be freezing for the next few months. We went to the Boston Public Library one day while we were there. It’s been fun to see and experience the history of Boston, but seeing it with my mom made it even better. The BPL is an older, very cool building. With the marble and beautiful, old architecture, it looks like it belongs in Europe. We wandered into the rare books and archives section, where John Adam’s personal library is. My mom pointed out how crazy it is to think about the famous people in the history of our country who have touched those books.

Packing up with my mom was an interesting experience. We bought those air-vac bags to pack some of my clothes in. We packed the first couple of bags with no problem, but when we decided to pack my comforter, things got pretty entertaining. It took forever for us even to get it to fit into the bag – finally, with my feet stuffing the comforter in and her feet keeping me in place, we got it in there. Then came the next challenge, zipping up the bag. She had it completely zipped up at one point, so I decided to sit on it to get all the air out. When I did, it exploded with a loud POP, and we were back to square one. After that, no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get it zipped up… until I had a brilliant idea. We ended up zipping it up and stapling it as we zipped it. I think my mom is one of the only people in the world who would go for that idea when I suggested it. We decided we’re about as great of a team as Lucy and Ethel.   🙂   But, in all seriousness – she was a huge help. It would’ve been very difficult to take care of everything without her, and not nearly as fun.

I didn’t get a chance to see everyone I would’ve liked to, but it was good to say goodbye to the friends I did see. I squeezed in one last visit with a friend on the morning before we flew out. I ended up taking a bus to meet him – I wasn’t too familiar with the bus system and ended up walking/tromping through the snow a little ways to get to the bus stop, but made it to my destination fine. In fact, once I was on the bus I got there really quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I was pretty confident I would make it back to the school even more quickly. Well… needless to say, that’s not exactly how it worked out. I won’t give you ALL the details, but the important thing is  – we made the flight and got all of the bags checked in. Overall, I was able to navigate us around all week and that was really the only incident. And even then, I was able to figure out a solution. I’m pretty proud to say that I have conquered the “T” and know my way around Boston.

We flew into Orange County and have been spending a few days with the family at the beach. The weather has been amazing! This was our chance to celebrate (a late) Christmas together. We exchanged gifts yesterday. My brother got me a pair of sunglasses that had a pretty encouraging verse on them. So, I’ll leave you with that verse:

Psalm 18 (the message)

1 I love you, God— you make me strong.
God is bedrock under my feet,
the castle in which I live,
my rescuing knight.


2 thoughts on “Lucy & Ethel Go to Boston

  1. Glad to hear everything worked out for you guys. Was worried for a while that the snow would hold you hostage till spring. Packing and moving is what you make of it. Sounds like you two rocked it!

    Don’t worry about what the future holds. That will become apparent in time. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are not as clear as we would like, but eventually the pieces fall into place.

    Where ever you go, what ever you do, you will be fabulous! You are young, you are strong, you are WOMAN!!!! And you are beautiful…inside and out.

  2. Okay so I finally read the Lucy and Ethel post, and the content of the post is even BETTER than the promising title 😉 I love the image of you and your mom packing the comforter and that you came up with the genius idea to staple it down…and it all worked! That is SO lucy and ethel 😉

    Verse at the end was encouraging as well. Love you and glad your no longer a million miles away, which means we’ll be seeing each other very soon ❤

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