Current Favorite Love Songs

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about music, so I thought it would be good to mix it up and pick a few songs for the week. I know I’ve written about break-up songs (and other angry girl music), so I figured it was about time I pick a few love songs I like.

1.) I heard this song recently, and even though I’ve never been an Alanis Morissette fan, I actually really like this song.

Alanis Morissette: Head Over Feet

2.) Ingrid Michaelson: The Way I Am. I love the sweet, witty lyrics, and the creative music video.

3.) Alright, this choice is a little cheesy, and the youtube video is really cheesy.. but I still love it (the song, not the video). So, here it is, for all my fellow teen-beat friends:

Jesse McCartney: Beautiful Soul

4.) And of course.. I gotta have at least one country song!

Blake Shelton: Honey Bee

5.) And last but not least.. this one is kind of more of a sad/break-up of song, but she still loves him so it’s still a love song.

She & Him: Sentimental Heart



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