Karaoke & Accountants

For the second time since I’ve been back in Vegas, I went to Karaoke with my sister’s work friends. If you’re good friends with a few accountants, you already know that these calculator punchers really know how to cut loose. Yup, I said it. Once these number crunching fools take off their suspenders and pocket protectors, they know how to have fun. Like this guys from Office Space:


Ok.. I’m just kidding. The accountants are all really cool and so friendly and fun. Definitely not any nerdier than I am… 😉

My sister had to work the next day on both times, so I took one for the team and went in her place.What I’ve learned is: karaoke is not about how good you sound, it’s about your performance. So.. if you’re willing to go up on stage and not care what anybody thinks, then you’re set!

The first time I sung: Break Away by Kelly Clarkson. Last night I sung: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Both times I think people got pretty into the songs, so that was fun. My friend who has been filling me in on ‘the rules of karaoke’ told me I’m a natural. I think this is the first time I’ve been called a natural at anything, so I’m considering pursuing a career in karaoke. Don’t be surprised when I’m getting paid the big bucks for this!

And, as a final note about our fun night of karaoke:

You know you’re singing karaoke in Las Vegas when there’s an Elvis impersonator on stage. He got up for two Elvis songs, in full Elvis gear.. hair, sideburns, sunglasses, and of course the bell-bottomed suit. He was GREAT at karaoke! How can you get anymore into it then coming dressed up like the actual perfomer!?! However, he was not such a great singer. In fact, we couldn’t really understand most of the words. I’m not sure he actually knew them. I guess it’s a pretty common story.. move to Vegas to pursue your career as an Elvis impersonator, and when that fails perform at karaoke bars.


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