Kissing Cannibals: urban legend or is reality truly stranger than fiction?

So let me just start this post by saying that the content is both mature and bizarre. There are three stories/urban legends I’m going to tell, and I’ll finish it off by telling you which is true and which is urban legend. And I heard all of these through friends who happened to know someone who knew someone who this scenario happened to.

Story #1.

A girl or guy uses a port-a-potty on a construction site. Everyone hates to use them, but hey.. when you gotta go, you gotta go. Not too long after they start experiencing some itching. They go to the doctor for it to find that they have somehow contracted crabs. The girl/guy isn’t sexually active; they’ve contracted crabs through the port-a-potty.

Story #2.

A group of girls come to Vegas for a bachelorette party. They decide, it’d be fun to go to ‘Thunder From Down Under or to see something else along those lines. And of course, you can’t have a good bachelorette party without embarrassing the bride. So.. the bride is called on stage to sit while the guy dances for her. Not long after, the bride starts having some eye issues. She goes to the eye doctor, and after a few tests they’re still puzzled. Finally they put some dye in her eye to find she has contracted crabs.. IN HER EYE! Talk about a supposedly harmless night of fun gone wrong!

Ramon Strips

Story #3.

A girl goes on vacation with some friends out of the country. Her and her friends are at a club one night, when she meets a handsome foreigner.  After a few drinks and a little dancing, she ends up making out with the handsome foreigner. He tries to convince her to come home with him, but she refuses. She goes home a few days later and begins developing a rash around her mouth. She goes to the doctor, and the doctor starts acting really weird. After a lot of questioning about her recent activities, they finally tell her that the rash she has can only be contracted through the ingestion of human flesh or contact with someone with that rash. She tells the police about the handsome foreigner she kissed. The police begin doing some investigating and find that this man has been on a most-wanted list for some time. He’s a suspected serial killer and cannibal.

Alright, so as you can probably guess the last story isn’t true. It’s so strange and crazy that I figured it had to be true when I heard it. Sometimes real life really is stranger than fiction, but I guess this time the urban legend is crazier. And as for the other two stories, they are both true. So gross! I actually thought the whole getting crabs from a bathroom thing was an urban legend, but apparently it happens.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing some pretty crazy stories.

If you want a laugh, check out this funny clip from of The Office on


3 thoughts on “Kissing Cannibals: urban legend or is reality truly stranger than fiction?

  1. This is awesome. It’s great to reconnect with you, and hear some great stories. It sounds like you’re having a blast in Vegas! Hope you’re doing well

  2. The last story actually happened to the sister of someone my dad works with. So, you actually can contract something from eating human flesh/kissing someone who has.

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