15 Great Things I’ve Learned from My Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, and my dad – I’ve made a list of 15 things I’ve learned from my dad. I tried to put them in order, according to how well I learned and apply the lesson at hand.

15. Business & Investments

I’m still working on this one.

14. Carving a Pumpkin

This is essential to every child in the U.S. My dad’s great at it.

13. How to Make Eggs in a Basket

You take a piece of bread, cut a hole in the center with a small cup or cookie cutter, throw it in a pan, crack an egg in it and voila! Eggs in a basket.

12. How to Hang a Picture

You may think you know how to hang a picture, but unless you’re using a level and a measuring tape you’re probably wrong. 😉

11. Setting Goals

We used to have monthly family meetings where we would go over our goals. I know how to do it, I’m just still working on applying it.

10. Being  On Time

I’ve just grown up with this being important, so I try. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

9. The Proper Use of a Shopping Cart

Step 1: Take a shopping cart (full or empty, it doesn’t matter)

Step 2: Quicken your pace to a quick walk or jog for a few steps

Step 3: Jump, putting your feet on the cart and ride with the wind whipping your hair

It’s the best part of grocery shopping, and I have to admit – I’m pretty good.

8.  How to Tie My Shoe

Simple, yet essential. I remember turning 5 (or maybe it was 6?) and getting an awesome pair of rollerblades for my birthday with neon green laces. I had been struggling to learn to tie my shoes from my mom. She liked the one loop method, there was something about bunny-ears and a tree that I never got…? Then my dad showed me the two loop method, and I’ve been tying my shoes ever since!

7. How to Correctly Roll Up a Long Cord

Yes, there is a correct way to do this too. Wrap it around your elbow and hand, making the cord the length of your forearm – in a perfect loop.

6. Great Taste in Music

The Eagles, Tom Petty, Loggins & Messinah, John Cougar Mellancamp.. need I say more?

5. How to Dream Big

My parents have always had big dreams, and have taken big risks on making those dreams come true.

4. Not to Cut Corners

It’ll get you in the long-run. You might as well do it right the first time.


My parents took us a lot of places in the region when were growing up, and that love of traveling has stuck with me ever since. I think I’m pretty good at this one too!

2. The Importance of Honesty & Respect

These are two things that are huge to my dad. I think they’re ingrained in me pretty strongly too, which is a good thing.

1. The Value of Family

The ideal family. haha

My Dad & I, 2009

The Whole Family


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