A New Season

So, here I am again. Three months at my old job, and it’s already time for something new.  Yesterday was my last day waitressing at the restaraunt I’ve been working at. I decided that it’s time to find something hopefully a little more long-term. My main reason is that I’d like to have benefits where I’m working.

Being a waitress has been a fun adventure. I really enjoyed working with people. I learned to carry three plates without using a tray, and developed a little arm muscle while I was there. Really… it may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but I am stronger than when I started. I also learned a little bit about myself too – I’m not a great multi-tasker. I do better if I can just focus on getting one task done, and doing it the best that I can. This isn’t  a good trait for the service industry – you need to be quick and able to switch gears at a moment’s notice. I am, however, pretty good with people. It took a little time, but I finally got comfortable being outgoing and friendly to everyone who came in. I’ll miss seeing the regulars come in every week, but it’ll be good to find something new.

I’m not really sure what I’ll find for my next job, but I’m looking forward to starting something new. I’d appreciate your prayers as I start looking; and – if you hear of anything you think I’d be interested in, let me know! I’m especially interested in anything that would be able to use my English degree. Thanks for your support.  🙂

Let the job-search begin!


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