You Know You Live in Vegas When…

You know you live in Vegas when – you apply for a job and find out at the interview that you applied to be a cocktail waitress.

Today I had my second interview in two weeks. I went to one of the casinos today where my interview was. I applied to be a “VIP Attendee”, which basically sounded like a glorified waitress to me. Well, during the interview I found out that I was ALMOST right. The job is not exactly a glorified waitress… it’s a cocktail waitress.

The interview went okay, it was more of just a pre-screening. I should hear back this week sometime if I got a second interview or not. Depending on what the uniform is, it might be an okay job. I’m at least open to seeing where the interview process takes me.

Could this be my future career? My calling in life?

Here's to you, cocktail waitresses!


2 thoughts on “You Know You Live in Vegas When…

  1. I’d like you to request an outfit consisting of a bedazzled bra with patent leather hot pants. You would look sensational and get a lot of tips 🙂

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