4 hours + 32 Homemade Twinkies = 3 Crazy Bakers

There I was.. telling my friend about a time a few years ago while I was in Ghana. Our host family requested we send them a few things back from the US.

“I can’t remember what they’re called. They’re yellow, with cream filling. You can’t get them anywhere in Ghana.”


After spending years away from the US, the one thing our host family missed was this delicious little yellow snack cake known as the Twinkie. Talk about an epic moment for the Twinkie.

And it was then that the idea struck like lightening. A journey not to be embarked on lightly – HOMEMADE TWINKIES! So with that – me, my twin sister, and our best-friend made homemade twinkies last night.

We made one batch of the classic twinkie, recipe taken from this blog:


We decided to shake it up by adding chocolate chips to one batch. We also made a couple batches of chocolate cake twinkies with a cream cheese frosting.

We started around 7:30, and finished making the cakes and frosting about three hours later. The cake and frosting recipes for the homemade twinkies were a little challenging for us, since none of us are huge bakers. After a few hours hard at work, we decided it was time for a coffee break while the cake cooled before we attempted to fill our twinkies with frosting.

From that point on, it was pretty much all down-hill. The classic twinkies were pretty easy to fill, but the chocolate cake didn’t fill the cake completely. We were happy with the results, and proud of ourselves by the end of the night. Me and Dyana agreed that the classic twinkies were the best, while Richelle liked the  chocolate with cream cheese most. As you can tell from the pictures, we had a lot of fun with this project. It’s not a project I would do alone, but with a couple good friends it made for a fun, memorable night.

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One thought on “4 hours + 32 Homemade Twinkies = 3 Crazy Bakers

  1. You KNOW I LOVE this idea!!! Proud of you for attempting and succeeding at this huge feat! You look darn cute in that apron too 😉

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