Looking Back & Ahead

Coming into 2012 I can honestly say for the first New Years in awhile, that I’m excited for this next year. In the past when I’ve been excited for the new year it’s been more of a desperate need for a fresh start, but this year I’m honestly really happy with 2011. It was a rocky start, but the second half was worth everything it took to get there. I have a good job, a great boyfriend, I’m proud of myself and who I am, and am excited for the direction this next year will be taking. What else could I ask for on New Years?

One year ago, I decided to quit a graduate program I was in across the country. It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made, but I just had to go with my gut that that it wasn’t the right place for me. I was chasing my dream across the country, how cool is that? But, it just felt like that path wasn’t going to take me where I wanted to go. So, I let go and just had to trust that God would put things back together in a way that I couldn’t understand at the time.

I spent a lot of time texting my current boyfriend when I was living across the country while we were still just friends. He was someone I could share my passion with for literature and writing, and also a great support when things got lonely. And.. it took awhile even when I got back, but it’s cool to see how my semester away has played a part in bringing us together.

I guess a lot of things in life are like that for me – I kind of circle around something for awhile before I really land on it. After two crappy jobs, I’m now working at a bookstore part-time. It’s not going to get me rich anytime soon – but it’s a chance for me to share my passion, work with some great people, and to work for a really good company that I know will treat me right.  So.. I’m grateful for it, and even for the crappy jobs that have made me grateful for it.

And after a year of being out of school, applying to writing programs, and analyzing every angle of things to figure out what I should do – I finally have a plan! In a couple of weeks I start taking classes for the Licensure Program for Secondary Education. I love English, reading, and writing; I like kids and being able to encourage and inspire people, so I’m hoping teaching will be a good fit for me. I feel really at peace and excited about this decision. It’s also been encouraging to me how many people have said that they could see me being a good teacher. Even at my job in the bookstore sometimes people ask me if I’m a teacher. I guess I just radiate that nerdiness 😛

So, here’s to a good 2011 – worth every bit of the trouble it gave me. And to 2012, a new year full of possibilities.

And congratulations to:  John & Dottie, Tarin & Marco, Sarah & Justin, and Dyana & Zoltan on their weddings in this upcoming year!  🙂


One thought on “Looking Back & Ahead

  1. Regs it is do exciting to see where God has taken you!!! It amazing how He works things together for our good 🙂 Every experience (good and bad) is an opportunity for growth to prepare us for what He has next! I think you are right where you are supposed to be and that 2012 will be a great year for you. I also think you will be the cutest English teacher ever 🙂 I hope you still continue to write, even if just on the side or for fun because I think you are very talented in that area!!

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