Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

As the end of the semester is getting closer and closer everyday, and the deadlines are seriously coming out of the woodwork, I have to remember to just keep my head up. Life has been crazy this semester, trying to juggle school, work, and a relationship. I think I literally missed deadlines for every class – just because I didn’t know something was due or couldn’t get it done. I can’t remember doing this badly in school since I first began college. But, I guess just like I learned to adjust to the work load in my undergraduate years, I have to learn to adjust to the work load at this level of education while also juggling other things in my life. I didn’t do so hot at it this semester, but hopefully the practice will help make coming semesters a little easier. So… this is my motto for the next month…


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… and hopefully that will help me pass all my classes and get into the Education program when I apply.


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