Inspired: Assistive Technology, A New Voice

As the title of my blog might suggest, sometimes I just like to share things that inspire me. This semester I’ve been learning a lot about how Assistive Technology can help students with disabilities. One theme that has come up repeatedly in my Technology class is the way that technology gives students a voice. It gives a voice to shy students, minorities, high-risk students, and students with disabilities. Hearing how non-verbal students can use technology as simple as an Ipad as a way to speak is truly inspiring. I’m excited to learn more and see some of these technologies put into use.

So, as we covered AT (Assistive Technology) in my technology class this week I just thought I would share some of the videos that we had to watch. I’ve also picked up a lot of movie titles in my Special Education class that I want to watch over the summer. So, if I actually do find them and watch them I’ll try to share more about that here. Make sure to check out the “Apps for Autism, 60 Minutes”. I especially enjoyed that one.

How Assistive Technology Enables Dreams

Apps for Autism, 60 Minutes

Apps Turn Table Into Math Aid for Visually Impaired

I’d love to hear anybody’s personal stories if you know someone who’s been touched by the use of technology.


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