Less Is More

Alright, so the couple of weeks of working out and changing jobs and doing out chapter of “Seven” did get overwhelming (as some predicted). My boyfriend did a great job of reminding me to not go completely nuts of the “Seven” thing. I followed it for two weeks as planned, but after that I quit (as planned). At a couple of points during the two weeks, I felt like I should just give everything away. I got a little caught up in it all. In the end, I did give away some things that were meaningful to me – which I felt like was a good thing. My aunt has given me several of the books I own throughout my lifetime, her saying was always that books are meant to be given away. So.. I’ve held onto many of the books she gave to me – but I gave away the Nancy Drew series she gave to me when I was younger. A large percentage of my children’s books are from her. So it was hard to say goodbye, but I knew they would find a good home where they would be cherished – hopefully with someone who doesn’t have a lot of their own books.

So… the next chapter we are going to attempt (after taking a couple of weeks off) is the Stress chapter. This involves stopping to pause and pray 7 times a day and honoring the Sabbath. This is good for me at this point in my life because I am so busy. It’ll be good to refocus each day on what’s really important – and to find time to pause so maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed as the day goes on. I’m excited about this chapter. And… my nice friend who is doing this book with me let me pick it to do now.


One thought on “Less Is More

  1. Sounds like a GREAT chapter. Can’t wait to hear how this refocus affects you 🙂 LOVE YOU!!! Also, anytime you want to give things away, I’m really great at receiving, haha 😉

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