Forbidden Love Letter

Here’s a silly writing exercise I just did from Poets & Writers prompts:

Creative Nonfiction Prompts

Writing exercises to help you generate well-crafted narratives.

Love Letter

posted 2.14.13


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, write a love letter to an inanimate object that explores why you appreciate what you’re writing about, what its special qualities are. Title it as you would address the letter: Dear Subway, Dear Keychain, Dear Gloves…

Here’s my love letter:

Dear Sean’s Mac Laptop,

I just want to confess my secret love to you for Valentine’s Day. I know you belong to my fiancé, but I can’t help but want you all for myself. You are so easy to use, and you making writing a joy.

My old laptop and I have had some good times together, I’ll give you that, but it’s just time to move on. Honestly, I’ve outgrown this old Vaio. Five years together, and it thinks it can just be slow and lazy all the time. It doesn’t give me the new and exciting adventure you can offer.

I shouldn’t be saying all of this. I’m actually writing you this letter from my Vaio right now.

I guess I should cut it short, Mac, before Vaio realizes what’s going on – but I just wanted you to know how much I miss you. Only a day apart and I already can’t wait to get close to you again.



Write one & send it to me! I’d love to see what you come up with   🙂


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