Keep On Keeping On… Whatever that means

So bloggees… it’s been awhile. After my last post, I decided to focus on a short story I was preparing for a writing contest. I felt good about the story, but was not one of the winners. Since then, I’ve ran a half marathon, gotten a dog, and continued to work on planning our wedding :-P.

I found the writing contest on the Poets & Writers website, and it seemed pretty competitive. The winners were all older than me, and I’m sure had more education as well. I’d like to enter a less competitive writing contest before the year is over or submit my work to a local publication, but I haven’t done much research on local publications yet. If anybody has suggestions for either.. I’m open to hearing them. I’ve done a little research looking for less competitive or local writing competitions, and didn’t have any luck.

I’ve been feeling a little discouraged about things lately – Sean & I are 4 months away from our wedding with lots still to do. It seems like the list is never-ending. No matter how much we work, or how tight we are on our budget – there’s still more to save and more to plan. I’m not really sure why I thought a year long engagement was a good idea, but I’m sort of ready to just get hitched and move onto the next part of our adventure. I’m excited to see our wedding plans come to life, and for all the fun stuff the next few months will include – but I’m just going to be very ready for my ‘event planning’ days to come to an end after that. Anybody else wish they had had a shorter or longer engagement? Why? A bigger or smaller wedding? What would you change if you could go back and do it over?

On a positive note, my fiance is one semester closer to getting his degree! It’s been stressful though trying to plan the wedding, have a full-time job, having Sean work full-time and be a full-time student. But through all the stress (and fights that come with the stress) – it’s been worth seeing Sean excel in school and begin to see his own potential. We are both probably going to end up being life-long learners – one of us will probably always be in school or at least for the next ten years, but it’s cool to see him begin to dream about what graduate school could look like. We both have big dreams for the future, I want to continue writing and would eventually like to go back to school for writing or to become a professor, and Sean (among wanting to do other things) would like to be a history professor. He works so hard (and gets way better grades than I did) and is dreaming about going to some of the best schools. I’m a little more jaded and cynical about thinking I’ll actually get into the right program for me one day or get my writing published – but I guess that’s why we go well together. I dream big, but don’t think I’ll ever make it. Sean dreams big for both of us, and then says – ok, now let’s go do it!

We’ve been working really hard. I know it’ll all pay off in the end – for the wedding, for school, for future jobs, for writing, for our future family… but sometimes I could just use a little payoff and encouragement now. I need like an advance pay-day in encouragement ;). So, that’s it for us. Sorry – no actual writing or writing example today, but hopefully soon. We are just chip-chipping away at life, and keep on keeping on. I go between wanting to savor where we are at, because I know I’ll be nostalgic for it in like 6 months already, and just wanting to get through it. Being grateful and savoring the moment is definitely I should be working on. I’ll take any advice or any comments today, I’m open to it all!


One thought on “Keep On Keeping On… Whatever that means

  1. Well I don’t have any advice at the moment, but it might come to me the next time we talk 🙂 I loved reading an update though!!!! Can’t wait for the wedding….I appreciate all your planning because it will be such a fun day of celebration!! Miss you!

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