Day to Day Life

It’s been a busy season the last few weeks. Saturday we had a family get-together, today I hosted my sister’s baby shower at work, and this weekend I have one more baby shower. Plus Sean is finishing his semester up, so he has Finals and papers. Plus my dogs pee and poop on everything. Plus, every time I get a second to relax I usually just end up falling asleep.

Work has been busy too. There’s supposed to be some changes and I’m supposed to be learning a new position soon. I’m excited for that, but just have lots of loose ends to tie up before that. And I won’t be working with my work buddy as much anymore either. I’ll be moving a whole two cubicles down from her. 😥

The parties have gone well, and I’m excited to become an auntie soon! I’m not sure when my husband and I will start thinking about kids. Probably when he’s done with school, which will be pretty soon. I also want to take a big trip and just enjoy each other for awhile. Ever since we’ve been together he’s been in school, so it’ll be nice to just be able to spend some time together getting the house how we want it and maybe taking some small trips out of town. One day I hope we’ll be on the same work schedule, but for now we’re lucky to have his job even though it means he has to work every weekend.

There’s so many things I want to be as a person. I want to be successful at my job, athletic, a successful writer, a faithful follower of Christ. I want to be clean and organized. I want to be a good cook. I want to have an influence on people. It seems like most of those things aren’t things that happen overnight, but things you work at every chance you get and it just develops as part of you after like ten years of trying to be more disciplined at it.   I make small attempts to grow in all these areas, but I could definitely make bigger attempts in most of them. Maybe tomorrow. Just kidding 😉

I’m also happy to report to anybody who doesn’t know that I’m going to be an aunt two times this year. Once next month when my sister has her baby girl. And once in November when my brother and his wife have their baby. It’ll be fun to get to see them grow up together. I just wish my brother lived closer by so I could see them more. It’ll be fun to see him as a dad though. And to spoil those kids every chance I get!

Anyways, that’s it for me. Anybody else have anything exciting going on?


2 thoughts on “Day to Day Life

  1. Regan, I love reading your updates! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I understanding wanting to develop so many areas of life and not having the time or energy for it all! God is good and he will develop each area in His timing, but of course I wish I could magically do everything at once without being tired or stressed, haha. Hopefully we can have a phone date soon so I can get all of the juicy details that You wouldn’t dare post on the Internet 😉 love you and miss you!

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