30 Life Update

It’s been a crazy year, and I haven’t been very good at writing in my blog. The good news is, I have squeezed some writing in. I wrote a short story that was changed into a comic by an artist for a comic anthology. It’s coming out next month, and I’ve bought some copies in advance to sell to whoever wants one. But – it’s a very short story, and it was drawn by another person and that’s just one small piece of a bigger anthology with other people’s works. So, it’s very small potatoes. I am excited though to have my name actually put with something I wrote – even if it is so not a big deal. I’ve never even written anything for a school newspaper or anything, so for me it’s exciting. Plus, everything is a learning experience.

I’ve been working a lot, and had a lot of ups and downs this year. I lost two family members within a month of each other,so August was not a good month. It’s one of those things where you’re glad you don’t have to see someone you love suffer anymore, but at the same time it’s like – I really miss them and just wish they hadn’t passed away regardless of the circumstances. So telling yourself they aren’t suffering anymore sometimes just seems like a load of crap. But maybe that’s just a part of the grieving process, to think that all the cliches are just a load of crap.

I turned 30 last month! I was worried about it and feeling  a little bad about myself before, but once it actually came I had a great party, my husband took me hiking out of town the weekend before – and it turned out to be a pretty good birthday. I’m 30 now, so I can quit caring what people think and learn to let the stupid stuff go. Right? I’m an adult. Even though becoming an adult just means you realize that you feel all the same things you felt as a kid, but are expected to act more maturely on those feelings. Well, hopefully I can at least let go of some of the expectations I feel like people put on me. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or if there actually are those expectations, but for some reason if the expectations are there then I’m definitely not living up to them. My house isn’t always clean (and is usually pretty far from it), I don’t make it to church every week, and we don’t have a baby. That’s just the way it is for now and that’s all there is to it.

Anyways, that’s all the excitement here! Hopefully I’ll get a few more posts in before 2017 sneaks up on us!



Misidentifying Mishaps

Everyone does silly things occasionally, but sometimes I feel like I do it more than occasionally. This week, for the third time that I can remember – even though there’s probably a lot more times than that – I thought something was something else and used it as that something else.


The first example of this was this week. I got my hair cut short for the first time in four years and mistook this as raspberry scented mousse. I went out to my husband’s cousin’s house the day I got my hair cut, and felt all cute and sassy. A few hours later, as I was going to bed I realized that this is actually shaving cream. I was laughing so hard at myself. The funny thing is this shaving cream actually kind of did the trick for my hair. I won’t be using it again for mousse anytime soon, but at least I got some entertainment out of it.


This item isn’t actually the exact item I mistook, but it’s close enough so I’ll use it as my example. When I was younger, maybe in junior high school, I was sitting in my room with my sister and my cousin when I saw this sitting in my room. So I put some on my hand and rubbed it all over my legs as lotion. For some reason it was super sticky and wasn’t rubbing in at all. My sister and cousin started laughing at me and I realized that I had put body wash all over my legs. The most embarrassing part of this is that I didn’t put it back in the shower afterwards, I just left it in my bedroom. I’m such a nerd that a couple of days later I grabbed the bottle and did the same thing all over again. After it wouldn’t rub in again I realized what I had done, and was laughing so hard at myself that I could barely pull myself up off the floor to tell my sister how much of a dork I am.


And my third and final story, is the most embarrassing of all. I’ve been married for two years now and have just started cooking since I got married. I’m learning a lot and still have a long way to go. When we first got married I decided that we should have somebody new over for dinner once a month so that I would be motivated to learn to cook more and invite people to our cute little place. I was in the middle of preparing a brand new recipe before a couple of our friends came over when I had to press some garlic. So I grabbed this doohickey and threw some garlic in there and tried to get as much as I could out. It wasn’t working very well, but I swore up and down to my husband that this was the garlic press. Only a few weeks later, when I saw this same item in the store in a package labeled “citrus press” did I realize the embarrassing truth. I prefer to use a real garlic press, because it works a little better. But, at least I got a funny story out of it.

Has anybody else ever mistakenly used something as something else? Share stories and comments here!


About Me

2016. Ahh… another year. Another fresh start. I don’t know if you’re allowed to put the words “fresh start” and “another” together in a sentence – it seems a little contradictory, but such is life.

This year I decide to try this “blogger university” thing. Basically it seems like it’ll just be me getting emailed assignments everyday and having a forum I can visit if I want. It sounds a little basic for somebody who’s been blogging for 5 years, but it’s been 5 years of inconsistent blogging. Plus I’m always open to learning more and growing in my writing. Except when I think I’m too good for something that will help me learn, and then I have to wait awhile until I come back around to it and decide maybe I’m not too good for it after all. Okay, I’m just making fun of myself a little for whoever didn’t catch that.

Anyways, the first assignment is to write about yourself and why I’m blogging and kind of to revisit my blogging from the past and what more I would like to do.

I am a 29 year old chick living in Las Vegas. My life is kind of ordinary – I have a normal day job where I sit at a desk all day, a husband, and 3 dogs. My original intention of this blog was to keep family and friends updated on my exciting life when I moved to Boston to go to Graduate school. However, after a semester I decided that it wasn’t a good fit for me and came back to Vegas. So there’s not that much to update for friends and family. The point of continuing my blog was to keep me writing. To continue to grow in my writing, and possibly to just put myself out there to see if anybody actually had any interest in what I had to say.

I’m not great at blogging all the time but have come back to it again and again, so I’m going to keep trying to work on it. I decided to sign up for the blogger university thing as a way to remind myself to write. Most of the time I work on my writing for a few weeks and then it falls off the face of the planet for 3 or 6 months or more. I just figured this might be a good way to try to keep up my writing.

Anyways, that’s me! Feel free to share in the comments about you!

Dudley Dursley a Delicate Flower or Boorish Oaf

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Things have been going well. I’ve been doing a good amount of reading this year, and trying to follow up with more writing as well. I’ve been working my way through the Harry Potter series for the first time. I know, it’s crazy that I haven’t read it before since I’m really into children’s literature. I finally gave into my husband and picked up the books. After the second one I was hooked. I just started the fifth one recently, and haven’t even gotten to the half way point.

Everytime I’ve picked up the next book in the series, I get annoyed with how one-sided Harry’s perspective of the Dursleys are. It seems like an English thing to make out characters to be total idiots without a redeeming quality in them. All of the characters, good or bad, in the wizard world are complex but the Dursleys are just flat and supposed to be complete fools. Nobody is that simple, unfortunately. So I decided to write a little something from Dudley’s perspective. It only represents him as far as I’ve read, which is the beginning of book 5, but here it is:

Dudley’s Journal Entry:

I know I should love my cousin and even feel sorry for him. His parents died when he was a baby, but all I can be is jealous of him. I’m the lucky one. I was born into a family where both of my parents lived. I am growing up with loads of cash, unlike my poor, pathetic cousin – but I still wish I had his exciting life.

When we were younger I was mostly just jealous at how easily everything came to him. He’s a string bean compared to me, who has a little bit of a spare tire. And even though he doesn’t have parents, people have always seemed to take special attention when it comes to him. Even when people didn’t know he didn’t have parents, they still seemed to randomly just pick him to win raffles or want to meet him.

For being such a big kid, I feel invisible. My family is always pouring all their love and affection on me in front of him. Especially since he got into that “special” school of his. It’s non-stop from my parents about how much they disapprove of him. But, the only time they appreciate what I do is in comparison to Harry. “Great job meeting my boss Dudley, too bad Harry had to go and ruin the whole night anyways.” “Great job on your boxing championship, Dudley, unlike that Potter boy off torturing people with his magic.” I don’t understand why they can’t just appreciate me for me.

You would think it would be fun to have a cousin so close to my age – that we would be like brothers, but from the start he’s never taken an interest in anything I’ve been interested in. Even when I would go out of my way to invite him to play video games, he would stick up his nose at it. Do you know how hard it is to play some games with one person? Or sometimes it’s just boring as crap.

I thought this summer would be better, since I knew he had gotten into his magic sports thing, and I had gotten into boxing. But then as soon as he got home, all he cared about was the stupid news. Is he really so intellectual that he can’t just go out and hang out with my friends. I didn’t even bother asking, because I knew he wouldn’t be in to friends who don’t have magic.

The other thing with Harry is that things always work out for him in the end. He ruins my dad’s dinner with his boss, but then takes off for school like a night later and I’m the one who is left hearing all the complaining and “good riddance” from my dad.

I guess the last thing about all of this is what a bully Harry is. I know I’m the bigger guy, and to anybody else it would seem like some stupid joke. But his favorite thing to do is call me a name, and then when I go to defend myself he threatens to use magic on me. I know he’s not supposed to use it when he’s home for the summer, but I’m living in constant terror. What will he do to me if I look at him the wrong way? Can he read my mind? Is he going to grow up and come after me when he has mastered this whole magic thing? I guess some people are just meant to be the black sheep.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below. Just remember I’ve only read to the beginning of book 5, so no spoilers please!!!!!!!! Also I made no attempt to sound English, it was just a fun writing exercise, so don’t judge me for that! 🙂

Day to Day Life

It’s been a busy season the last few weeks. Saturday we had a family get-together, today I hosted my sister’s baby shower at work, and this weekend I have one more baby shower. Plus Sean is finishing his semester up, so he has Finals and papers. Plus my dogs pee and poop on everything. Plus, every time I get a second to relax I usually just end up falling asleep.

Work has been busy too. There’s supposed to be some changes and I’m supposed to be learning a new position soon. I’m excited for that, but just have lots of loose ends to tie up before that. And I won’t be working with my work buddy as much anymore either. I’ll be moving a whole two cubicles down from her. 😥

The parties have gone well, and I’m excited to become an auntie soon! I’m not sure when my husband and I will start thinking about kids. Probably when he’s done with school, which will be pretty soon. I also want to take a big trip and just enjoy each other for awhile. Ever since we’ve been together he’s been in school, so it’ll be nice to just be able to spend some time together getting the house how we want it and maybe taking some small trips out of town. One day I hope we’ll be on the same work schedule, but for now we’re lucky to have his job even though it means he has to work every weekend.

There’s so many things I want to be as a person. I want to be successful at my job, athletic, a successful writer, a faithful follower of Christ. I want to be clean and organized. I want to be a good cook. I want to have an influence on people. It seems like most of those things aren’t things that happen overnight, but things you work at every chance you get and it just develops as part of you after like ten years of trying to be more disciplined at it.   I make small attempts to grow in all these areas, but I could definitely make bigger attempts in most of them. Maybe tomorrow. Just kidding 😉

I’m also happy to report to anybody who doesn’t know that I’m going to be an aunt two times this year. Once next month when my sister has her baby girl. And once in November when my brother and his wife have their baby. It’ll be fun to get to see them grow up together. I just wish my brother lived closer by so I could see them more. It’ll be fun to see him as a dad though. And to spoil those kids every chance I get!

Anyways, that’s it for me. Anybody else have anything exciting going on?

I Know Why He Loves His Chicken Fried

Have you ever heard the song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band? I used to think that song was a little silly – like how he relates military protecting our country to him enjoying the small things like his chicken fried, and a cold beer on a Friday night. Boy do I regret ever thinking that. Wow, are my eyes opened.

Tonight my husband made me a delicious dinner. Cuban sandwiches, and now I understand why the Zac Brown Band loves their chicken fried. I can now die a happy woman because this sandwich was so delicious. I’m not sure why my husband doesn’t cook more, because I tend to cook a little more out of the two of us. But, I guess when he does it’s worth it. My marriage has taken on new meaning because of my delicious dinner. Thanksgiving has been put to shame. Anyways, I hope you’re having a good Monday night. Enjoy your chicken fried!

When people encourage you to write this is what happens

So a friend was encouraging me to keep writing fiction last night. This is just a short writing exercise, but here it is:

She had her suitcase packed, she was leaving for good this time. This whole past year had been nothing but an embarrassment for her. She had been too shy, then been too rebellious. Why couldn’t she just relax and be herself? When people knew the real her they  liked her, they actually loved her. I know I did. But, I couldn’t tell her to stay. We were both in 8th grade and I obviously also couldn’t let her go, but I had to think of something.

I had seen Carol pack her bags and pretend to run away from home with Bobby in an episode of the Brady Bunch, but I didn’t think that would work with her. What could I say? What could I do?

“Why do you have to leave? If you really want a fresh start, can’t you just change schools?”

“I can’t ask my parents to move so I can switch schools, there’s no way they would go for that.”

“Well… maybe you could pray that they just decide to move on their own,” I suggested. I knew that probably wouldn’t fly that well with her, since she wasn’t into God or prayer, but it was something I believed in, so I had to give it a shot.

“That’s stupid. Why would God care if I run away or switch schools or anything else?”

“You’re right,” I said, “In fact, he probably would just want you to be miserable anyways.” Somehow my reverse psychology/sarcasm could get her thinking sometimes.

“Just give me a week to pray about it, and we can see if your parents want to move or the school spontaneously combusts or something. Can you please make it one more week? You know this week is important to me with the play coming up and all. So you’re just going to feel selfish if you end up ditching me on the biggest week in my middle school life.”

“Fine. One week. One week of me hanging out and talking to you and only you at school. And then, if nothing changes, I will take matters into my own hands.”

That week passed too quickly and too slowly all at the same time. Everyday I was looking for some miracle, something big to happen to let her stay. Not just for her, but for me too. I cared about her a lot, I’m not even sure in which way, but I knew that I would be miserable if she left. Wednesday rolled around and nothing major had happened. Before I knew it it was Thursday evening, the night of my big play. I was a little nervous but also very distracted. What would I do if nothing happened? God had to come through for me or for her in some way. She texted me that she was on her way to the play. I was rehearsing my lines one last time, when suddenly an alarm went off telling everyone to evacuate the school.

We stood in the parking lot having no idea what was going on. There was no way this was a fire drill, not with parents coming so soon to watch the play. A bomb threat maybe?

“Hey what’s going on?” she tapped my shoulder, scaring me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know, we were just running through our lines when the alarm went off.”
She looked at the ground playing with her feet.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone,” Principal Schultz said. “I was doing our annual inspection of the building, when they told me that we have termites. I asked if we could at least hold off on evacuating the school until tomorrow afternoon, but they said there was no way they could let it go on for two more days without reporting it to the city. So, unfortunately, our school is officially closed for the time being. Classes are cancelled tomorrow – we will update all of your parents as to what you will need to do as soon as we figure it out. For now, please go home.”

A wave of relief washed over me. Termites! It may not have been a spontaneous combustion, but hopefully this would be the answer I was waiting for!

I Wish Life Was Like a TV Show

I was watching Gilmore Girls this week with my husband. It was an episode where Rory’s ex-boyfriend Jess shows up to see Rory. He’s a high school drop out that she hasn’t seen in awhile, and comes to tell her that he’s written a book and is working in a small publishing company that a guy he knows started. As I watched, I let out a sigh and my husband asked what was wrong (yes I am that dramatic). I asked how he – a high school drop out and bum in the earlier episodes- wrote a book and is working in publishing. I mean, I’m an averagely motivated person. I could be more driven and focused, but I do try hard and come back to pursuing the things I want over and over again. I haven’t written a book. I don’t have a job working for a small publisher. He just rolled his eyes at me and told me it was just a TV show.

I know it’s just a show, but it’s so frustrating to see things on TV that don’t seem like a real possibility in life. Who do all these jobs go to? How do they even get there? In the movie Postgrad also starring Alexis Bleidel, she gets super frustrated because she’s worked hard in college and can’t get a job after. That was my life! That was the life of most of my friends. Unlike Alexis Bleidel, however, it didn’t end with us getting our dream jobs after a tough summer. Instead you work and work and work and life still seems like an unclear path. And this is true for, I think, the majority of people. You go through college, working hard, excited about your future and what you’re studying and then when you get out, all the structure you’ve had for the last 16 years is out the window. There’s no clear cut, do this and get an A. A lot of my friends who have the careers they worked hard for in college aren’t even happy in those careers. So, I guess I’m stumped. I don’t know how Alexis Bleidel can do it in Gilmore Girls and Postgrad. I guess it’s my own fault for not going to Chilton and Yale like Rory.

How do you feel about your job? Did school prepare you for this? Is there a career you want but have no idea how to get to?

Just sayin’ hey

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Yes, I know, that’s the understatement of the year.

I don’t have anything in particular to say, but was just looking at my blog and thought I’d check in. Since the last time I blogged, I’ve gotten married and bought a house! And we got a dog named Sushi.

I guess I’m at a bit of a holding place (isn’t that what people say?) as far as pursuing all of my dreams in life goes. I took a couple classes and thought about pursuing Physical Therapy – but am at least on hold with that, but may not pick it back up. I still want to write or edit or own a bookstore one day, but I guess I just don’t know the best path (or any) to follow to do that. So, this is me attempting to write again.

i guess that’s all for now.  🙂     😛    :-/    I’d love to hear any comments or feedback on writing/editing or anything else for that matter.

Writing Exercise, Sentence Stealing

Here is the first part of a short story I started. The prompt came from Poets & Writers.com:

Sentence Stealing:

In Writers Recommend, author Alix Ohlin writes: “When I’m in direst need of inspiration, I do what I call ‘sentence stealing.’ I find a sentence from a writer I admire and write it down. ‘In the beginning I left messages in the street.’ Or, ‘Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.’ Then I write my own version of the sentence, focusing only on its rhythms: by which I mean, replacing a noun with a noun, a verb with a verb. What’s left is a ghostly echo of the original sentence with no relationship to its actual content. And I follow that new sentence wherever it takes me, down the road to an unfolding story.” Using Ohlin’s method, write a story of your own.

Taken from Rebecca Stead’s “When You Reach Me,”: (P.1): “So Mom got the postcard today.”

Well, we finally got the bill yesterday. It all happened one week a few months ago. I had just finished my last day of work, and it would be two weeks until I started my new job. I would also be starting school again, for the first time in years, that fall. Sean had finished his Bachelor’s degree, and he had given his two weeks notice with a month off before he started his new job. We didn’t have anything planned for that week, we just figured we would lay around – maybe take a couple of day trips. But, when his cousin offered to watch our dog, we figured we could go out of town. And with the extra money we had been saving, plus (I’m not proud to say) but the room we had on my credit card – we figured we could take an impromptu vacation.

We made a list of nearby places we could go for a couple days – spending a reasonable amount of money. Then that night, I lay awake all night. All I could think of was the amount of responsibilities we were about to encounter in our lives. We were both starting new, more time consuming jobs – really it was going to the be the beginning of his career. I would be busy practically for the next three years after I started school again. And at some point, we would probably eventually buy a house and start a family. When would we have a week to just be irresponsible and doing something crazy again?

So the next morning I threw some things together in our big suitcase. I grabbed everything from sweaters to swimsuits. There was no plan. I grabbed all of our toiletries and even our towels and sleeping bags – because I had no idea where we would be staying that night. I rolled everything up, and somehow managed to fit all of the necessities into our suitcase. I woke Sean up, telling him just to get dressed and that I had a surprise for him. While he was in the shower, I called the taxi. There was no use leaving our car parked in a garage for a week, and I wasn’t telling anybody we were leaving town – so a taxi was the best option. He got out of the shower, the taxi showed up, I grabbed our bag and out we went.

“To the airport,” I told the driver after Sean and I had both gotten in. As we rode, Sean said, “Did you get us tickets to somewhere while I was sleeping or something?”

“Not exactly.”

“You booked us a room somewhere and we are on standby for the tickets?”

“Wrong again.” My cheeks began to flush. I wasn’t sure if he would be thrilled about my crazy plan.

“Okay, so why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

“We are going to the airport. I packed everything we could possibly need. I did the math, and have an idea in my head of about how much we can spend over the next five days. We are going to the flight attendant and going the first place they have two tickets to in the US.”

“Oh, okay. That’s all.” Sean laughed maniacally. “I thought maybe you had gone and done something crazy.”

“It’s not crazy. We have both always wanted to travel more around the United States. We have smart phones, we can book a room, or a hostel, or even a campground wherever we go. You and I both have friends and family around the country. We will be fine.”

“Okay,” Sean said sounding like he was trying not to lose it. “You take the lead on this one. It’s your plan, you make it work.”

The taxi pulled in front of the curb at the Mccarren airport. Sean grabbed our giant, heavy suitcase – I’m not even sure why he was being that gracious towards me. And we went in. I went up to the first airline I saw and got in line. Sean stood just behind me, probably hoping I would back out. My heart beat quickly, and I tried to swallow but my mouth was too dry. Where were we going to end up? Alaska? Hawaii? New York? Nebraska? What if we wound up in the middle of nowhere, with no place to stay? Just as I was about to back out, the woman at the airline desk called the next in line.

“Hello. Name please?” she asked.

“Well, here are our id’s. We actually don’t have a reservation yet.”

“Okay. I can make you a reservation, where are you trying to get to today?”

“Um… actually, we just want to fly to the first place you have two available tickets to,” I answered. My hands were shaking. I felt like a complete idiot.

“Okay,” the woman eyed me suspiciously. She probably thought we were two criminals running from the law or something.

“Let’s see. It looks like we have two available seats on the noon flight to three different places.” She paused as she focused in on the computer.

“Do we want to pick out of three places or just have her pick randomly?” I asked Sean.

He thought for a second. “Well, this is your crazy plan, so you can choose overall, but I would say that this has been crazy and spontaneous enough and that we should be able to at least pick between three places.”

Well, if I let her pick we might end up somewhere expensive or just lame. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to hear the three options and pick the best one.

“Alright, here we go. Are you ready for your choices?” she asked amused at our situations.

“Yeah, go for it.”

“Okay, we have a twelve o’clock flight to…,”she paused for effect, “Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Atlanta, Georgia.”

“Well, it looks like we are going to Atlanta, Georgia then,” I said.

“Okay. I will just need a credit or debit card for the payment.”

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